Polishing & Detailing


Paint work is one of the most expensive items on a car. To redo paint is a mission, not to mention expensive to get workmanship that will deliver a matching factory original finish we all want. New car paint is also becoming ever thinner and technical to work with as manufacturers cut costs.

Maintaining your car therefore allows you to better enjoy the beauty of your vehicular asset while you own it & beyond. It certainly pays off when it comes time to sell to get maximum value.

On this page you will find all the resources you need to decide the best service for you and what Polishing and Detailing all entails.

The right level of polishing & detail is best determined by bringing it in so we have  a look at your car and polish out a test spot to determine what works and what to expect with no surprises! If that’s not possible contact us to discuss your needs.

How to book with us:
  1. Please read through the pricing below and see what interests you in terms of pricing, scope of work and timing..
  2. If you can book an inspection first this is best otherwise consider date and times you want to book the details with us.
  3. Then contact us via Whatsapp, Phone Call or Email for the booking.
Read more about why it’s better to inspect your car before doing a detail:

We also arrange Paintless Dent Removal, minor paint touch ups & wheel repair with our trusted partners.

Read more about why it’s better to see your car in person:

Photos cannot convey the information we need such as the depth of damage. 

Camera lens, object distance, focus, correct lighting temperature, camera angle amongst other technical photography is needed.

In an inspection with us, we check the car & polish out a test area with a few combinations allowing us to confirm what works best on your paint. 

This benefits you in that it allows you to see for yourself what works & what to expect with no surprises!

If you don’t have the time for an inspection then you may still book for whatever package you are prepared for. On the day of your booking we can always do a test spot  on your car with whatever package it is you booked for to confirm if it meets your needs and expectations.

A typical test area done during an inspection showing the client what their car can look like.

Paint Care is like Skin Care

Like skin, paint is a film with defined thickness & structure. It is this top layer that we see and work with. We take the utmost care to preserve this while delivering the best look.

The similarities in Paint and Skin Care:

  1. Washing = Washing removes larger particles of dirt & oils
  2. Exfoliation = Paint Decontamination.
    • Clay is the most basic form of paint decontamination together with other methods to give you a smooth & clean finish preparing it for polish or protection.
  3. Moisturiser = Polishing or buffing (it’s the same thing!) restores your cars paint to give it a smoother, more reflective, shiny & glossy look.
  4. Sunblock = Paint protection like waxes, sealants & ceramic coatings


We have three categories of services. Below is a comparison table to help you understand the differences between them and zone in on what may best suit you.

After reading this table scroll further to get more in-depth information of each service category and the package options we have in each.

ServicesPaint CorrectionGlaze / Glazing with WaxPaint Decontamination
PricingFrom R1500 up to R4000 per dayFrom R400 to R850Price On Inspection
Depending on condition and type of paint.Set Options: Hand, a standard Machine & Custom (by machine)Depending on condition and type of contamination.
DescriptionPermanent removal of scratches, swirls and other defects.

Correction = Fixing
The filling , masking or hiding of swirls and scratches.

Light correction is possible with our Custom Glaze
To remove different types of stuck on dirt (on paintwork) before polishing or protection.
What’s it for: *Most Complete maintenance ( i.e. full paint car care cycle)
* Longest lasting
* Repairing surface damage like swirls, scuffs, scratches, orange peel etc
* If you just bought a car
*Preparing for an event or sale
* Quick & Affordable maintenance * Protection lasts for a maximum 3 months
* Cheapest Pre sale prep
E.g. Heavy iron, tree sap, cement, tar, paint etc
Approximate TimeFrom 4hrs to Full Day and multiple days if required at extra cost.From 1 to 3 hrs at mostDepends on severity of contaminants
ScopeIncludes Wash, clay and different levels of Polishing & Detail

This includes a wipe down and vac of the interior.
Wash & Glaze in our Hand & Machine options

Custom Glaze includes a quick clay.

This includes a wipe down and vac of the interior.
This is a custom service and we quote you depedending on your needs.
Swirls & ScratchesRemoves defects ( scratches and swirls and other) permanantly.At best it hides defects.Not Applicable
(It is done before polishing so doesnt remove defects.)
ProtectionStandard paint protection would be polymer based sealants. Superior protection lasting up to 6 months depending on after care.

Extra longevity can be added like extra wax, sealants and for the best Ceramic Coatings.
Standard protection is up to a maximum of 3 months depending on after care.

Good water and dirt repellancy.

Extra sealant can be added but not Ceramic Coatings as the Glaze is incompatible. Carbon based (inorganic) technology.
Not Applicable
(It does not include polishing or protection by itself. These would need to be added)
Note: We can customize all our services to suit your needs!

Paint Decontamination

Paint Decontamination is the removal of stuck on dirt to the paint. This may be visible or it gives a rough texture to paint.

Everyday contamination that bonds to your paint comes from industrial fallout like: Paint Overspray, Rail or brake dust, Insect poop (bee’s and flies) and Oil or Tar. Tree pollen is sometimes possible but not maybe tree sap. Paint Decontamination is done here to clean the paint and prevent your paintwork from peeling and fading as well as to better prepare a paint before polishing and protection is done. Clay, the most basic form, is included in all Paint Correction packages and only in one of the Glaze Packages.

A level of decontamination should be done at least once or twice a year depending on the condition of your paint and the environment it is exposed to. It may require polishing afterwards if the contaminants is very rough (may cause swirls or marring)

Other Heavy surface contaminants, (read the list below), can also be removed but not throught typical decontamination methods.

Typical Decontamination & General Pricing Guideline:

  1. Clay Treatment from R350
    • The base method of decontamination for a wide variety of contamination.
  2. Iron Remover from R350 
    • Gets in where clay does not.
  3. Traffic Film Remover from R250 
    • Removes medium to heavy oils and oil based contaminants.
    • Ideal for cars that hasnt washed in months before main wash.
  4. Tar Remover – Price on Inspection
    • More suitable for heavy oils, oil based contaminants and adhesives.

Heavy surface contaminants

We can remove a varierty of other surface contamination that get stuck or bonded to paint through either chemical, manual or a combination of both. This may require polishing afterwards to remove any resultant swirls or marring and at minimum a form of paint protection to finish off. Due to the nature of this contamination pricing is on quotation.

  • Tree Sap
  • Paint overspray
  • Cement
  • Hard Water Spotting
  • Adhesives from stickers and advertising

Paint Correction 

Paint correction is a term used for polishing that permanently removes paint defects like scratches, swirls & fading ( aka oxidation) by buffing with polishes that can “cut” or “compound” heavy scratches & swirls & also refine to correct finer swirls & increase gloss. 

It can also be referred to as a ‘Cut & Buff’ as well as in “stages” or “steps” of how much polishing is done e.g “3 stage”. With the latest polishing technology we use today, less stages or steps is required that balances both the look & the preservation of paint. If you are doing a 3 stage type package you maybe removing more paint than you should.

ServiceFull Paint Correction & DetailingCorrection & EnhancementPaint Enhancement
Estimate Pricefrom R4000 from R2500from R1500
Best For:The best level of detail possible for any car owner and enthusiast. For a car that has deeper swirls and scratches.Improve paint from medium to light swirls and scratches.
Good option for a daily driver
Aproximate TimeFull day 

Note: A full day is 7 hours. With 2 to 3 people on various tasks this can add up to 14 to 21 man hours for one day!
+-6 hours normal time

 Note: With 1 to 2 persons working which equals up to 12 man hours!
+-4hrs normal time 

Note: With 1 to 2 persons working which equals up to 8 man hours!
Iron Remover applied to full body
Tar Remover applied where necessary
Multiple sets of compound polishing using different machines & pad sizes to remove heavier scratches & swirls
Multiple sets of polishing to refine the finish & up the gloss using various products & equipment..
Ceramic or Polymer Sealant or Wax
Clay Treatment
Iron remover applies to seams, mouldings, badges i.e. areas where clay wont get to.
Compound polish to remove heavier scratches & swirls
Polish & Sealant or Ceramic Spray Sealant Depending on workout.
Clay Treatment
Iron remover applied to seams, mouldings, badges i.e. areas where clay wont get to.
Polish & Sealant to remove medium to light scratches & swirls & sometimes heavier damage depending on paint type & condition.
DescriptionEffort, focus & time is the greatest difference that can be seen in detailing & this is what this service is all about!

Our polishing systems goes down to 1 inch allowing us to get into restricted areas, closer to the edge & inside curvatures for the highest definition.This is not possible in other packages due to time. (Time is a key contributor to detail!)

More advanced techniques & equipment would also be used e.g: spot sanding, specialized lighting (colour temperature & High CRI), data logging paint thickness, thermal imaging & even microscopes to get an unrivalled paint finish.
This would be needed if your paint requires more aggressive polishing to remove deeper scratches & swirls and you want to keep it simple and affordable.

This service includes a set of heavy compounding to remove heavier scratches & swirls followed by an Enhancement level Polish & Sealant for a refined & greater finish.

The idea of Paint Enhancement is to improve the look of your cars paint using an optimized set of polishing.

Medium to light scratches & swirls & sometimes even heavier defects can be removed depending on your paint type, colour & condition of paint.

We have a collection of products to ensure the best result is possible.

These prices are base guidelines and includes what you see here. We can personalize these packages further to suit you.
Pricing above is for sedan sized vehicles. Larger vehicles extra.


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Faded Bonnet

We also arrange paint repairs, paintless dent removal, wheel repairs as well as upholstery repairs together with trusted partners.

Read more about Paint Correction

The old school term for polishing was Cut & Buff, as the Cut part refers to a polish like a compound or cutting cream and the Buff part refers to the follow up with a milder set of polishes that would refine the finish even further.

It may also include advanced bodyshop techniques such as wet or dry sanding to remove deep scratches or the Orange Peel texture from original factory paint or due to a bad spray job.

Each car has an individual circumstance. Is the paint system hard or soft, how was it cared for and any possible repairs is all factors that will

There are different grades and cost of cut and finishing polish products, machines, pads and not too mention the time and effort that would be required on your car.

Read more about what Detailing is

Car Washes, Valet centers and body / panel / spray shops all offer washing, polishing and interior cleaning.

These are typically standard cookie cutter type packages applied to every car in a production environment regardless of whether it’s suitable for the individual circumstances of that car. This skips the true potential of the car and possibly damaging it more than what it went in for. Your car ain’t a cookie!

You may also even find glorified Detailing companies in all but name (Buyer beware!) and most definitely between detailers a difference in knowledge, experience, work ethic, quality control and service. So do you homework and choose wisely!

To get a better idea of detailing consider these examples showing the lack of detail: 

  1. A body shop may polish the car but leaves traces of polish everywhere… 
  2. Car washes, valet centers and even body shops typically uses only one machine, one pad size and cost cutting polish products to get any and every car out and done in the same way. This approach will leave many areas of the car underdone, unrefined and likely with holograms, burned edges (i.e. no paint!) and damaged or stained rubber and plastic trim
  3. 3 Stage polishing – this is a throwback to older polishing systems using non diminishing compounds. Todays technology minimises these steps perhaps down to even one like in our Paint Enhancement package. To give you great look and preserving your paint!

True Detail or Detailing is therefore greater effort, care and time put into cleaning, polishing and restoring the different parts and materials of a car with proper tools and products.

Glaze / Wax

We offer Glazing as our entry level polishing services. Think of it like “foundation” in cosmetics. It masks flaws for a period of time. In the case of paint, it will appear smooth, reflective and buffed. There is also protection in the form of synthetic wax. This is also known as a buff and wax.

ServicesCustom Glaze / WaxMachine Glaze / WaxHand Glaze / Wax
Estimated Pricefrom R850from R650from R400
Best ForBest Ideal for any colour. Improved Great boost in colour and shine.
ScopeIncludes Regular Wash
Includes a Clay
Applied By Machine
Excellant water beading
Includes Regular Wash Improves white colours due to machine applications
Very Good water repellancy
Includes Regular Wash
Excellent water repellancy
Not ideal for white colours
Pricing above is for sedan sized vehicles. Larger vehicles extra.
Optional: Extra Sealant for longevity from R250
Read more about Glazing

While Glazing definitely improves the paints appearance it will eventually wash out.

Extra sealant can be applied to increase longevity.

It should be considered as a solution where time is limited , cost is a factor, pre sale or simply to make it look good for an event like a wedding or matric ball.

It is also a strategy for paint that is thin or finicky, perhaps on a classic car where glaze is the best alternative to a cutting polish to preserve paint thickness.