Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair, ( a.k.a P.D.R. ), is the removal of dents from metal body work using either a push (from behind the dented panel with speciliased tools) or pull method (glue, suction or electromagnet guns) without the need to respray, maintaining originality and the need for time consuming repairs.

This service is provided by our service partner, Farouk Dearham. It can be done mobile (callout fee applies, non refundable) or it can be done at our premises together with a polish, valet or just a car wash for a one stop experience. (in-house booking policy then applies).

The best method depends on the location of dent and access to it. It could even mean the use of both! This is also a factor that contributes to the price you will pay. For example you need a dent removed from the rear fender. To get to it, the car must be jacked up, wheel and fender cover removed to then be able to work on the dent and then afterward replace everything. Or another example, to get to your roof the inner roof liner or ceiling needs to be dropped!

Farouk’s policy for dent removal; if it cant be repaired there is no charge. In general a dent is reduced to either zero or to an unnoticeable size at closer than normal viewing range (normal viewing range is 1.5m)

Pricing Guidelines

The price of PDR can range from a minimum of R350 to a few thousand. This will depend on factors like:

  1. #1 Each dent is unique
  2. Location
    • Access and what needs to be done to get it
    • Is it accross a body line …
    • Behind a cross brace …
    • Roof, fender, bonnet etc …
  3. Size
  4. Depth
  5. Aluminium vs Steel

Drivers side door on body line before closeup

Drivers side door on body line before closeup
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Paintless Dent Removal on the drivers side door body line of a BMW at closeup

How to book PDR

  1. It’s possible to quote by sending a photo via whatsapp preferred (or email).
    • It is of course best to arrange an in-person inspection to be 100%
  2. We will quote an approximate price range ( i.e. minimum and maximum) as the pic will only be able to give us the location of the dent which we can use to determine access strategy and a rough idea of size and by that means approximate pricing.
  3. We then look at mobile or where you come to us and arrange a date and time for that to occur.
    • For mobile: A non refundable call out fee of R350 which will get deducted from the job amount for whatever is repairable.
    • No deposit for coming to us to inspect.

Note: Please remember we can only identify and remove dents from a clean car. If we come to you, please ensure your car has been washed. If you coming to us you can book it for a wash.

Read more about the risks of PDR

PDR is the first solution to consider before normal paint repair.

The thing to keep in mind is that in times before PDR was widely available, the only solution was to use body filler and respray. This is still the only solution if PDR is not possible or does not work out.

Hence, if we have to fail in the repair, we will not charge and cannot be claimed from. You will not be in a worst position than

  • If there is paint damage in the dent or near it, the dent can still be removed but the risk is that paint can crack further or flake.
  • If the panel i.e. fender or door etc, has been previously repaired body filler or the tension of the metal will be a risk
  • Double glazed windows can crack