Odour Removal

We offer odour removal using state of the art Ozone and UV technology.

Ozone and UV-C combined offers complete and permanent removal of bad smells arising from smoke, spilt food like milk, urine and feces and even destroys mold and fungus.

It operates by filtering all  the air of a vehicle even from the surfaces and vents and then charging the air electrostatic-ally releasing odor and additionally passing through a UV filter that further neutralizes odours but also sterilize, killing bacteria, mold and fungi that could come back and start the bad smell over again.

It is essential to remove the source of the smell first by cleaning. this may mean a simple wipe down and vacuum or steam cleaning.

One of our tools in our valet service is the use of true hot dry steam vapour. This is the most effective cleaning method in neutralizing and eliminating bacteria that causes bad smell.

Another important part of removing odours especially smoke is to replace the vehicles cabin air filter. These are also called pollen, micro or air con filter.

We charge R450 for a single treatment of max and hour.


  • 30 minutes is the ideal time to treat a sedan. Larger vehicles requires more time to process the cabin air.
  • Price above excludes cleaning that would be required.
  • Booking essential

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