From family cars, vans, SUVs, utility vehicles to luxury sedans and high performance sport cars. We have provided professional service to our clients for the past 9 years!
Prices quoted for up to sedan sized vehicles only. SUV, 4×4 and MPVs extra

1. Full Valet with Hot Steam From R850

Best for bad odour or smell removal with quicker drying.  Superior option for anyone sensitive to chemicals, Allergy and Asthma sufferers.

2. Full Valet with Wet Extraction From R650

Economical option using the traditional method.

NOTE: This method is where a specialized wet vac sprays a hot or cold cleaning solution and vacuums it up. People mistakenly calls this method Steam cleaning as steam rises from the hot cleaning solution.

3. Seats Only From R400

Seats only includes the Front two seats and rear bench only. Nothing else is included. For a full interior clean please choose a Full Valet

Our Full Valet Process:

  • Vehicle wash, dry tyres and trim
  • Vehicle interior blown out, brushed up and vacuumed.
  • Fabric and carpet pre-treatment and or shampoo
  • The cabin area carpet, loose mats, fabrics and upholstery is brushed up, vacuumed and steam cleaned with wet extraction unit or steam unit.
  • Vents, seat rails, storage areas, buttons, roof liner into the boot area, we remove the spare wheel clean it and the area and replace.
  • Leather and Vinyl is either cleaned with pH neutral / biodegradable APC (All Purpose Cleaner) to safely clean the leather surface.
  • Roof liner is cleaned by hand
  • 4hours+/- (Not counting lunch or break times)


  • Above prices for up to sedan sized vehicles only. SUV, 4×4 and MPVs extra P.O.A
  • Pet hair i.e. Cats or Dogs extra – Price on inspection
  • Mud or excess sand extra – Price on inspection
  • Biohazards like urine, feces, blood etc – Price on inspection

Extra Detailing

Extra detailing for interior and exterior is available at an extra cost.


  • Glass Polishing – to watermarks, remove nicotine, vape and other oils and soils from glass
  • Leather conditioner or protectants
  • Plastics, rubbers cleaned and silicon free conditioner and protector
  • Instrument cluster, plastics, wood, painted trim etc polished/waxed by hand or machine (to remove light scratches and add shine etc)
  • Exterior paint work polishing and protection

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