Headlight Restoration



Faded, Yellowing and Haziness – R350 pair 

Full Resurfacing – From R500 pair

  • In order to rectify deep and serious damage like scratches, pitting etc the plastic material of the lens requires more material removal to expose flawless new plastic.
  • This service is appropriate where a combination of damage has occurred or peeling is evident.

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We are the first official Professional Meguiar’s Headlight restorers in South Africa!

We have done 1000’s of headlight lenses, including the removal of scratches on a Ferrari California’s headlight lens!

More than 90% of vehicles today have headlights or taillights that are manufactured out of acrylic, polycarbonate or other type’s of (thermo) plastic material. Due to environment exposure, road conditions and even the aerodynamic design of a vehicle, all these factors contribute to these plastics yellowing, scratching and getting sandblasted. A vehicle’s lenses can experience fading within 2 years or less of its road life!

We correct UV oxidation(some people may refer to as fading, haze or yellowing), scratches, peeling, sandblasting and even pitting to restore like new clarity of your lenses. (for your consideration please refer to our sample close up photos of headlight lens damage

Restoration is many times cheaper than replacement. This will improve your vehicle’s looks, enhance night vision and safety and of course provide better resale value if you preparing to sell your vehicle.


  1. The inside of the headlight; as most headlights on the market is sealed beams the lenses should not be separated from the housing otherwise you would have future problems with water and condensation entering.
  2. Crazing, (see last picture) basically dense small cracks.  We generally see this on aftermarket replacement headlamps. These are cracks within the lens material.
  3. Spot lights – these are generally made of glass and cannot be corrected with this process.

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