Ceramic Paint Protection

What is a Ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings is one of the best in paint protection technology available. Superior to traditional wax and sealant regimes simply due to longevity and durability.

Ceramic coatings is usually based on Silicon Di-Oxide and Titanium Di-Oxide chemistry which is akin to glass, crystal and ceramic molecular structures . There is also an emergence in Graphene based technology.

While different manufacturers will have there own formulas with different characteristics, all coatings creates a cross linked molecular bond between itself and the coated surface by interlocking itself with the relevant surface molecules. This is why they are referenced as semi permanent but must be considered as a sacrificial layer atop a vehicle’s surface taking the brunt of minor attacks while preserving the actual paint underneath.

Benefits of Coatings

Coatings offers the same benefits as wax and sealants in terms of water repellency, self cleaning ability, UV protection and of course shine and gloss but is superior in longevity and has minor scratch resistance and anti graffiti ability not to mention pH resistance which means it cant wash off.

This makes ceramic coatings semi-permanent, requiring only a single application to provide multiyear shine and protection from wash induced swirling, marring (micro scratches), salt corrosion as well as chemical attacks from bird poo etc. In contrast waxes and sealants at most lasts up to a year and due to film thickness cannot protect paint as physically as a coating can.

With water restrictions in Cape Town and as a world resource, one of the stand out considerations for coatings is its self cleaning ability! 

There is a new emergence of hybrid sealants and even waxes infused with Ceramic / SiO2 technology giving excellent self cleaning ability that can last up to a year. We keep a good selection of systems on hand so please ask us on our recommendation for your particular needs. 

The reality of ceramic coatings

Ceramics cannot withstand stone chips, vandalism i.e. knives or keying, dog scratches, hail stones, mall dings or buckles. If you want a force field this is not it!

If you want protection for the above mentioned damage consider doing Paint Protection Film (PPF). PPF is way more expensive to do an entire car with, typically R20,000 plus. I recommend doing the front end (full front bumper and leading edge of bonnet) with PPF and coating the rest of the vehicle.

Most Ceramic coating system applications results in a 0,5-1 micron Dry Film Thickness layer. This can be reliably boosted with ceramic primers to at least a micron and even more. Layering or top coating a ceramic is also an option but becomes expensive. The reality is that no matter what system you opt for ceramics is not thick and flexible enough to withstand extremes as mentioned above.

Realistically ceramic coatings will assist from swirls through bad car washing, help with cleaning, anti graffiti and its a single application lasting multiple years that cannot be washed off.  Due to its superior pH resistance, Bird poo isn’t an immediate issue so long as its removed timeously. If you are concerned about UV damage due to sun exposure its also a a solid consideration.  

Coating Application

In order to apply a coating the paintwork needs to be prepared. Preparation depends on the condition of your paintwork in terms of paint repairs, swirls and scratches. So a new car or immaculate condition one can be as quick as decontaminating the paint with an iron remover and clay followed by a pre-cleaner to where the paint needs to be corrected with multiple polishes to remove defects like scratches and swirls.

The cost of installing coatings may be a lot, but must be considered against how long it will last, its actual protection and the convenience of time it saves from having to continually treating a car like a wax or sealant based system.

With the current water restrictions its considerable ease in cleaning and indeed self cleaning ability that will keep your car cleaner even helping to save the environment!


Considerate washing should be all you need however boosters and specialized car care does exist we can advise you there.

If your ceramic coating has acquired swirls, light scratches or you have had a body panel resprayed we are able to repair or recoat part areas.

Top coats are also available for those requiring.

These details is certain to extend the lifespan and performance of the coating.

Application Pricing: 

The application pricing below is for up to a sedan sized vehicle. It includes coating of the vehicles exterior paintwork and plastics, chrome as well as wheel faces and exhaust tips*

The prices below excludes any polishing or decontamination and the reason being that each car requires different levels of polishing and care. 

We currently offer System X as well as CarPRO Cquartz but can arrange others like Modesta, Cquartz, GTechniq, Meguiars and Turtlewax can also be arranged.

  • System X 
    • Diamond (9H, 8 years rated longevity) – R2500
      • Highest concentration of ceramic solids giving this coating the longest durability and film thickness.
    • PRO (9H, 5 years rated longevity) R2000
    • Crystal (7H, 8 years rated longevity) R1800
      • Extremely glossy. We offer this as a stand alone coating as well as and optional top coat to Diamond and PRO
    • Click here for my Youtube channel on System X products 0
  • Other brands thats available:
    • CarPRO Cquartz UK (2 year) R2000
    • CarPRO Gliss (Top Coat or standalone) R1500
    • CarPRO Essence and Reload R800
    • Meguiar’s Fast Finish R650




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