Ceramic Paint Protection

What is a Ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings is one of the best in paint protection technology available. Superior to traditional wax and sealant regimes simply due to longevity and durability.

Ceramic coatings is usually based on Silicon Di-Oxide and Titanium Di-Oxide within a resin base which is akin to glass, crystal and ceramic molecular structures . There is also an emergence in Graphene and Rubber based alternatives.

While different manufacturers will have there own formulas with different characteristics, all coatings creates a cross linked molecular bond between itself and the coated surface by interlocking itself with the relevant surface molecules. This is why they are referenced as semi permanent but must be considered as a sacrificial layer on top of a vehicle’s surface taking the brunt of minor attacks while preserving the actual paint underneath.

Benefits of Coatings

Coatings offers the same benefits as wax and sealants in terms of water repellency, self cleaning ability, UV protection and of course shine and gloss but is superior in longevity and has scratch resistance and in the case of Self Heal coatings the ability to repair. It also has anti graffiti ability not to mention pH resistance which means it cant wash off and bird poo damage can be avoided.

With the past water restrictions in Cape Town and as a world resource, one of the stand out considerations for coatings is its self and ease of cleaning ability! 

The reality of ceramic coatings

All Ceramic coatings cannot withstand stone chips, vandalism i.e. knives or keying,  hail stones, mall dings, jeans rivets or belt buckles. If you want a force field this is not it!

Conventional ceramic coatings will assist from swirls through bad car washing, help with cleaning, anti graffiti and its a single application lasting multiple years that cannot be washed off.  Due to its superior pH resistance, Bird poo isn’t an immediate issue so long as its removed timeously. If you are concerned about UV damage due to sun exposure its also a solid consideration.  

The most groundbreaking innovation in car care is Self Heal Ceramic Coatings like the FEYNLAB range which we offer. This technology represents the best advancement in Ceramic coating technology. As the name implies, swirls like those caused by bad car wash and scratches, not exceeding the self heal layer, will automatically heal by closing up under the sun or if a heat source is applied. Deeper damage will look far less worse than without! 

We also have Ceramic sealants both in conventional sealant and spray format. Additionally we have shampoos and Ceramic Quick Detailers. These may be used to maintain all ceramic coatings irregardless of brand or used on non coated cars to achieve some benefits of Ceramics.

Coating Application

In order to apply a coating the paintwork needs to be prepared. Preparation depends on the condition of your paintwork in terms of paint repairs, swirls and scratches. So a new car or immaculate condition one can be as quick as decontaminating the paint with an iron remover and clay followed by a pre-cleaner to where the paint needs to be corrected with multiple polishes to remove defects like scratches and swirls.

The cost of installing coatings may be a lot, but must be considered against how long it will last, its actual protection and the convenience of time it saves from having to continually treating a car like a wax or sealant based system.

With the water restrictions we have experienced recently, coatings makes it considerably easier in cleaning and indeed has a pseudo self cleaning ability that will keep your car cleaner for longer.


Ceramics does make it easier to wash your car and stays cleaner for longer. However careful and considerate washing when the car is dirty is still needed in order to prevent scratches and swirls that may penetrate beyond the coatings depth.

Ceramic coatings requires maintenance to  at least replenish their hydrophobic or water repellant features and keep the surface clear from dirt that would decrease its performance.

If your ceramic coating has acquired swirls, light scratches or you have had a body panel resprayed we are able to repair or recoat part areas. In the case of Self Heal even less intervention may be required!

Top coats are also available for those requiring a boost.

These details is certain to extend the lifespan and performance of the coating.

Coating cost

We offer different ceramic coatings and paint protection systems to cater for the different needs of our clients.

We are Certified Ceramic coating installers and use the FEYNLAB range of coatings, sealants and maintenance products. FEYNLAB is the original inventors of Ceramic coatings for paint protection where other companies relabel their products!

It is therefore best that we discuss your needs, expectations and budget and have a look at the condition of your car and quote from there.

Herewith a simple price band so that you may know what to budget for on sedan sized vehicles:

  • Ceramic Sealants from R250 – R750
    • Ease of cleaning. High Gloss. UV protection & excellent hydrophobicity
    • Silk like slickness
    • Excellent as a stand alone product or as maintenance for any ceramic coating irregardless of brand.
    • Pricing above is for ceramic spray or nano sealant application only. No corrective polishing or prep.
    • 6 months
  • Conventional Ceramic Coatings R3000 to R7500
    • Prosumer and Professional Only grade available
    • Superior Scratch Resistance
    • PH Resistance from things like Bird Poo etching
    • Ease of cleaning. High Gloss. UV protection
    • Pricing above is indicative of minimal to full corrective polishing and detail and the choice of coating.
    • Longevity 2 – 3 years  with Warranties from 1 year depending on coating.
  • Self Heal Ceramic coatings from R15000 to R30000
    • Self repair of minor scratches and swirls
    • Award winning (Riddler Hot Rod award 2019)
    • PH Resistance
    • Ease of cleaning. High Gloss. UV protection
    • Pricing above is indicative of full corrective polishing and detail.
    • We have three Self Heal options that range from 5 – 7 year in terms of Warranty and cost.

We do have a price list that is continually updated and we can send this to you via Whatsapp or Email upon request.

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