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November 2016 Specials

Hi All. At ProTouch we detail anything from Go Karts to Golfs!
November has kicked off with some interesting challenges. 
We detailed a Professional racing Go Kart made by Scuderia PCR (Italian of course) as well as a BMW M5 (F series). We also did a regular Mini Paceman over as it was scratched all over by a dog.  
Excitingly we have just purchased a few new buffing machines for specifically Glazing & Sealant applications. Made by Cyclo USA, Its the only machine on the market with patented dual polishing heads replicating hand polishing but by 250 times without causing swirls, burning or gouging! Used on Airforce One (ahem Donald Trumps soon to be new ride) and in other aircraft and boat polishing applications. 
We charge R350 for a Basic Glaze&Sealant inclusive of an exterior wash.
If required, clay treatments (to remove bonded dirt and contaminants on paint and glass) goes from R250.  
For all your Car Wash, Polishing/Detailing and Valet needs book with us now.
Contact Qiyaam on 0716868055 (Avail on WhatsApp)

BMW M5 Paint Correction

BMW M5 Paint Correction
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Paint Correction on F shape BMW M5 to remove vandal scratches