Quick Detail

Here we did a “quick detail” to prep the vehicle for sale.

Swirls On Bonnet

Swirls On Bonnet
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Very distracting swirls that disturbs the reflection in the paint


Paint Correction On Black Porsche Carrera 4S

After posting the Silver Porsche I found that i didnt post anything about another Carrera 4S detail we’ve done.

This was one of the last details we did at my first car wash in Ottery before we closed there due to construction.

This poor baby had been badly detailed just prior by another detailer. There was still heavy swirls, scratches, paint chips and bad orange peel from a paint repair that ended with me wet sanding the drivers side of the car to “blend” in the paintwork.

The result was of course stunning and flawless…


Pre Inspection

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With every car we do I inspect the car thoroughly.



Silver Porsche Carrera 4S Enhancement Detail

This is  an Enhancement detail we did in July (2016) on a Silver Porsche Carrera 4S (991)

Our Enhancement detail includes doing a wash, clay (to remove bonded contamination), Polish by machine, Sealant and then other details like door jambs, wheels, rubbers etc

In this case we used the fantastic CarPRO Essence for the bodywork and Menzerna 3 in 1 for jambs, wheels etc


Porsche Carrera 4S Enhancement Detail

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Suzuki Hayabusa Detail

To even out posts of detailed motorcycles that we have done (see previous post of Honda Goldwing) here is a legend of a sportsbike, the well acclaimed Suzuki HAYABUSA!

Suzuki Hayabusa Detail

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Intricate details


the fastest standard production bike of the 20th century

(Ref: Wikipedia)

Honda Goldwing Detail

Yep. We detail motorcycles as well. While we dont advertise specific rates for motorbikes we generally charge the same as a car. Where motorbikes lack in sheer size they make up for intricacy and this elite Honda Goldwing is a good example of this. Sportsbikes by comparison is easy ….

We have specific detailing tools to make bike detailing easier. Dry hot steam, Air cleaners, blowers etc

We also have a specific buffers with 3″ pads for polishing small areas.

Give me a call to discuss your requirements. Enjoy!

Honda Goldwing Detail

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An elite motorcycle


Skyline GTX

This is one of our frequent Skyline details we do. The highly regarded R series of Skyline we still see today traces its roots to this model, the R30/31 with the R35 being the latest and greatest.

This particular Red GTX has been owned by two different owners with us still its detailers. 😛

It was also one of the feature cars for the Godz Of War article that appeared in Speed n Sound a while back that we had a hand in. I will be posting pics of that as soon as i get through editing 🙂


Detail In Progress

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Scarlett Fever – A very red Fastback Ford Mustang

The definition of scarlet fever:
“an infectious … disease affecting especially children, and causing fever and a … rash”
Funny thing then that it’s the same reaction a car like this gives us petrolhead boys…
Then on to the second curious thing, every Mustang I have come across the owners give them a name.
No different here …   Everyone … meet Scarlett. Yip, with a double T like in Scarlett Johannson… 😉
Enjoy the pics!

The problem - faded rear

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Wherever she was parked, her rear cheek was catching some sun...

Paint Correction and Ceramic Paint Protection Coating on Mini Paceman – June 2016

Hi All

This was one of our June 2016 Ceramic coatings done on a friends new to him Mini Paceman.

There was so much trim to tape up and vinyls to protect from the buffer, the tape job took us half a day!

We first compounded to see what’s left in terms of RIDS (random isolated deep scratches), lightly spot sanded where we felt comfortable and then repeated compound polishing. A final gloss polish is used to get as fine a finish within the paint correction stage before applying the ceramic coating.

Per manufacturer instruction, each ceramic coat gives a theoretical 3 year span. It’s possible to layer coats to result in a more substantial coating lifespan however adequate curing time between needs to be considered, of course depending on the coating used.

A maximum of 3 layers seems to be the limit that the detailing community goes for. With the Paceman I did initial two coats with a third on the following day (i.e. Day 3). (PS> This was from a 50ml bottle, a little goes a super long way.)

Scratch resistance is the major selling point with Ceramic coatings and indeed they do. It doesnt however mean they are “bulletproof” and the coating itself cannot be scratched. Like a bulletproof vest, the coating absorbs the damage protecting the paint underneath.

Also, while ceramics offers a “no maintenance” proposition. I do advocate periodic ceramic based sealants like RELOAD to build up and possibly cover weak areas. There is also specialised shampoos like CarPRO’s RESET that aids in safe cleaning and as the name suggests “resets” the top most molecular structure. It is also safe to clay and remove iron deposits from a ceramic coating with specialised products.

We offer a “Ceramic Coating Maintenance Wash” using CarPRO (i.e. RESET as shampoo, PERL for tyres and trim and RELOAD on paintwork).

BTW: Check the front bonnet red vinyl, what do you see?

Call Qiyaam now for your Ceramic Coating and Maintenance requirements. 0716868055 (Avail on WhatsApp)

Post Correction (8)

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Forgot to take pics before correction. I blame our suppliers as the brought yet more detailing goodies for me to try, Im a sucker... I bought on the spot!

Golf 6 TSI Paint Correction – July 2016

Hi All

This is a Golf 6 TSI we did this past July.

Here we removed some vicious tree sap  (that was four months old or hard take your pick!) with some spot sanding for deeper scratches.

While some areas (see pics: wheel arch scratches) needed to be repaired via respray, the improvements via polishing was substantial.

The end result left the client exclaiming the results was better than when he bought it (and that was brand new!) I’m always happy to hear compliments like that!

1 Tree Sap

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Dog Hair Removal On Polo TDI – June 2016

Hi All

We did an enhancement detail and full valet on this Polo TDI in June for its “new owner.”

To start with, It looked like it was used as a dog kennel in a previous life… and smelled more like a farmyard…

To just remove the dog hair it took us a day with everybody pitching in!  We followed up with carpet and fabric shampoo and after it dried we did an Ozone treatment to eradicate the smell.

While we were busy with the interior the client decided we should boost the exterior so we obliged with a Paint Enhancement (which includes a clay, polish and sealant with some more details) as well as headlight restoration which improved the visuals radically.

The client was of course very happy to be able to breathe again 😛

Dog Hair Removal (2)

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