We have a backup generator!

We have a backup generator that allows us to provide all our services without exception! Whether in studio or on a mobile basis!

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Protouch Car Care is FEYNLAB certified!

ProTouch Car Care is an accredited Feynlab Ceramic Coating applicator for their phenomenal Professional as well as their Self Heal Coatings range.

FEYNLAB’s break through self heal coating range self repairs minor scratches and swirls through heat from the sun! Warranteed for 5 to 7 years depending on coating, your car will look it’s ultimate for a long time!

There is simply no other coating brand or system that comes close to Feynlab’s range to protect your vehicular investment whether it’s for your exterior paintwork or interior surfaces!

For our existing clients that we’ve applied other ceramic coatings for, we will be happy to reapply or top up your current coating at a significant discount on any of our Ceramic offerings! Priority bookings limited until April 2019

If you are considering the purchase of a new vehicle it’s definitely the best time to apply a coating. We can apply protection for you before you take delivery and have it included in you finance package.

We have FEYNLAB ceramic solutions for all budgets and vehicles, from Fiat’s to Ferrari’s! We can provide Detailing and certain ceramic coatings for all vehicles on a mobile basis or for the best outcome at our detailing studio.

Please have a look at our YouTube FEYNLAB playlist here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3BJyz102TrTjqGiNyNb2joNDX1EZtahF

Contact Qiyaam now for bookings and further information on 0716868055. Available on WhatsApp / Telegram or via email on info@protouch.co.za


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Glossworx training facility

ProTouch Car Care is officially one of the coolest car care places in Cape Town!

We are very proud of being nominated as one of the top five car care places in Cape Town by Wheels24!

Five of the coolest places to wash your car

Click Here for the article: https://www.wheels24.co.za/…/five-of-the-coolest-places-to-…

The only exaggeration in the article is that I have moved to larger premises in Lansdowne.

I’ve actually moved to my house in Lansdowne and setup a detailing studio here. All my services are Detail focused compared to what you will get at a normal car wash or valet center.

Services include: 
* Maintenance car wash geared to reducing the chance of swirls
* Interior Steam cleaning aka Full Valets 
* Leather treatments and fabric protection 
* Odour and bad smell removal 
* Paint work decontamination from iron industrial fallout, tree sap, tar, paint, cement and so forth
* Paint work polishing and detailing from full correction to glazing
* Paint Protection with Ceramic coatings, sealants and waxes. 
* Headlight Restoration
* Black trim Restoration using dye

I also arrange paint repairs, paintless dent removal, wheel repairs as well as upholstery repairs together with trusted partners.

While I have a set menu, the majority of our work is personalised to each car and customers needs, which is a good definition of what Detailing is.

All work is strictly by booking. Please contact Qiyaam on 0716868055 (Avail on WhatsApp! Click on our WhatsApp link in green!) or email info@protouch.co.za

Alternate contact numbers

Hi All

I ported in recently to the Telkom network and I’ve been having problems receiving calls from other networks.

If you have problems reaching me, please call on my alternate number 065 923 9500 (voice only) My main number will remain be 071 686 8055 for voice and WhatsApp.

Many thanks

Full Steam Ahead

It’s been a hectic past few weeks with some great changes.

We have finally recieved our Astra EVO Steamer! It allows us to wash the entire car with steam with as little as 3lt per car!

Dry Steam and Waterless is now the only two allowed methods of car wash for Level 4B for both formal and informal (i.e. at home) car wash, this is according to communication by the City Council.

We have used steam for over 8 years in our valet service as it leaves interior surfaces much drier than conventional wet extraction systems that everyone mistakenly calls “Steam cleaners”.  It kills bacteria and germs on contact and is a first line method in controlling odour.  This new addition allows to clean interior and exterior bodywork with just steam!

Steam on the outside of the car is the superior way to clean versus waterless as it gets where waterless simply cannot, think seams, wheels and arches! There is approximately 5% moisture in the steam generated from this unit. Condensation on exterior surfaces further aids safe cleaning. One area where I found Steam even better than high pressure is cleaning wheels, front bumper grilles and engines. Not to mention we dont suffer from wet feet anymore!

If there is a downside i’ve experienced is its loud. 😛 

For customers old and new, I demonstrate the cleaning power of steam by showing them how safe the system is. you can hold you hand comfortable 10cm away from the tip and it feels like a hot shower. I then allow them to clean a dirty wheel and that just blows them away! This provides clients the confidence that steam cannot damage your paint or remove protective wax or sealants from your car. 

We do of course have a healthy respect for electronic systems and avoid blowing steam close to electronics.

So ProTouch Car Care is full steam ahead once more!

For bookings contact Q on 071 686 8055 avail on WhatsApp

Astra Evo Steamer (1)

Astra Evo Steamer (1)
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Car washing options in a water shortage

Hi All. I hope this message finds you well!

In light of the water shortage crisis we are experiencing, I thought to remind clients that we offer “normal car wash” (that is using high pressure rinsing before and after washing) as well as “waterless” options.

If you are concerned about scratches and swirls, we now offer a “Hybrid wash” whereby we pre-rinse with the high pressure to lift larger particles and clean the wheels and then complete the wash with waterless car care products. This offers our client the best of both worlds a proper clean with eco friendliness!

Additionally we also have a live steam unit that minimizes water consumption for both exterior car wash (ala steam car wash), engine cleaning and interior steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery.

We offer our R100 Mini Valet (using local product) and our R150 Premium Mini Valet (using Meguiars shampoo) in normal, all waterless and hybrid mode ensuring your car has only the best in care!

We are open Monday to Sunday from 8:30 to 5 on a booking basis for car wash, valets and polishing. So you never need to wait in line!

Message me if you have any questions!

Thanks Qiyaam
0716868055 (Avail on WhatsApp)

Ps: All the cars you see in the pic is maintained with Waterless products to minimize rust/corrosion/paint damage

Waterless cars

Waterless cars
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Volvo S40 Detail

This week we detailed a light metallic blue Volvo S40. 

The bonnet, roof and boot areas were resprayed some time but was not finished very well. Orange peel (a description of the texture of the finished sprayed article) was very fine and dense. Possibly from spraying to dry. There was a bad blend on the right rear pillar and roof corner that ended up standing out even more after we were finished, The only way to correct that would now be to redo that area.

We flatted the area , (also known as wet sanding) with 2000grit and then compound polished, and we finished the entire vehicle with a milder polish and sealant.

The results was fantastic!

Contact Qiyaam on 0716868055 for your polishing and detailing requirements!



Volvo S40 Before

Volvo S40 Before
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2005 model Volvo S40 2.4 Before detail

November 2016 Specials

Hi All. At ProTouch we detail anything from Go Karts to Golfs!
November has kicked off with some interesting challenges. 
We detailed a Professional racing Go Kart made by Scuderia PCR (Italian of course) as well as a BMW M5 (F series). We also did a regular Mini Paceman over as it was scratched all over by a dog.  
Excitingly we have just purchased a few new buffing machines for specifically Glazing & Sealant applications. Made by Cyclo USA, Its the only machine on the market with patented dual polishing heads replicating hand polishing but by 250 times without causing swirls, burning or gouging! Used on Airforce One (ahem Donald Trumps soon to be new ride) and in other aircraft and boat polishing applications. 
We charge R350 for a Basic Glaze&Sealant inclusive of an exterior wash.
If required, clay treatments (to remove bonded dirt and contaminants on paint and glass) goes from R250.  
For all your Car Wash, Polishing/Detailing and Valet needs book with us now.
Contact Qiyaam on 0716868055 (Avail on WhatsApp)

PCR Go Kart Detail

PCR Go Kart Detail
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Detail on professional racing GO KART by PCR

Mercedes W202 Paint Correction Detail

Another detail from way back when. Im very bad with uploading pics on time.

Well at last heres pics of a Mercedes W202 Shape C Class Paint Correction Detail

Deep swirls accrued over time removed for a flawless reflection.

Before (1)

Before (1)
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Black BMW E90 335i Hologram and Swirl Removal

This is a detail we did a long while back.

A Black BMW E90 335i with some serious holograms.

Holograms is usually caused by incorrect polishing technique.

They are called holograms because when you look at them they appear to shift and float within the paint.

Realistically though its just swirling that distorts the reflection of light hitting the paintwork.

Before (1)

Before (1)
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